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best letter and email salutations and greetings what is appropriate depends on how well you know the recipient the reason for your letter and whether you are writing a posted letter or an email choosing the best salutation for your next letter all of these salutations begin with the word “dear ” while you can simply start a letter with the person’s name that can be misinterpreted as abrupt or even rude it s always safe to begin your salutation with the word “dear” in a business letter the right letter closing salutation makes the best impression professional letter closings and business letter closings should be expressive of gratitude and sincerity with personal letters the salutations that you use will pletely depend on whom you are addressing the letter to business letter salutation writing english business partners often call each other by their first names in this case write the salutation as follows dear sue punctuation in british english don t use any punctuation mark or use a ma letter salutations penlighten letter greetings help in establishing the type of letter that a person is writing also they represent the respect that you intend to give to your reader hence it is important to know what kind of salutation would be appropriate for a particular letter

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salutation a salutation is a greeting used in a letter or other written or non written munication salutations can be formal or informal the most mon form of salutation in an english letter is dear followed by the recipient s given name or title proper salutation on business letters the proper salutation for business letters depends on the tone of the document whether it s in print or email and the nature of the message that s being delivered how to choose a business letter greeting list of business salutations the business salutations you use to start your message will depend on whether you know the name of the person you’re writing to whenever possible it’s best to address your letter or email to a specific person business letter and business email salutations [updated] best salutations for business letters and business emails explained learn how to write a salutation for groups and individuals

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